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A different kind of aborted baby photo: Who took those pictures and how?


One summer in the mid 90’s, I was out there every day covering the massive protests for WTMJ Radio.

Both sides came out in full force: the anti-abortionists from all across the country countered by almost as many in support of abortion rights. I had no trouble getting interviews. I was also scorned and verbally attacked by protesters from both persuasions.

The atmosphere was ugly: Crying, screaming, yelling, a total disregard for the police. Many pro-life protesters intentionally got arrested.

One middle-aged pro-life gentleman upon noticing me walked right up and stood directly in front of me, strategically placing his graphic sign with picture of aborted baby where I couldn’t help but see.

After acknowledging the man with a pleasant, “Good morning,” he looked around at his colleagues and yelled, “You see. You see. That’s the media for you. He won’t even take a picture of my sign.”

I calmly explained to the Rhodes scholar that the machine around my shoulder was a tape recorder. “I work for WTMJ RADIO,” I informed him, “So I would be more than happy to get your thoughts on tape.”

He walked away disgusted.

After several days of the same outrage, the same slogans, the same misuse of children, the same rush to get arrested, I had also become disgusted with both elements. I especially questioned the use of those familiar signs we had seen so many times and still see today, the gruesome pictures of aborted fetuses.

My view is that this graphic, in your face tactic on the part of the most passionate pro-lifers can and does backfire on the movement and the cause.

That was the middle of the 1990’s during a summer that pro-lifers around the country picked Milwaukee to stage huge vocal protests outside abortion clinics.

Now it’s 2009. Pro-life activist James Pouillon has been murdered and Damien Cave is covering the story for the New York Times. Pouillon sees the same horrendous pictures, and he wonders. He not only wonders, he tries to find out, and he inquires, where did these pictures come from? Who took them?

As he works on the story he meets Monica Miller, a key pro-life activist and organizer who is now Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society in South Lyon, Michigan.

Miller told Cave that she took about half of the pictures of aborted babies that can be found online.

Cave turned those photos into a front page story.

Think about that. The New York Times featured a front page story about the origin of aborted baby pictures seen at anti-abortion protests. Miller called it “a coup.” reports,
To find the aborted babies Miller and her companions search through biohazardous waste, where they find the remains of the fetuses among bloody surgical papers, gloves, and surgical instruments. They also have found the medical records of women who have gone to the abortion mills, records improperly disposed of by the abortion facility itself.”

The New York Times reports, “The process was a challenge: the fetuses, hard to handle; the scent of the formaldehyde solution, enough to burn the nose. Shooting could only be done up close. She recalled renting expensive macro lenses to get within millimeters of the fetuses. She pointed to one of her snapshots showing a tiny hand with visible wrinkles. ‘In order to get that detail,’ she said, ‘you need to get a camera right on top of that’.”

Miller, who was arrested many times during her stint in Milwaukee and has appeared many times at Sunday Mass at my church defended the photos that make many wince.

"We photograph those babies because we needed to show their humanity. It should shock us.  It should completely outrage us that this is happening.  These are human beings we're talking about, thrown out in the trash,” said Miller.

But here is where the story takes an interesting twist. The focus and image of Miller’s photography has changed.

As reports, “Miller's latest photos have focused less on the gore of abortion and more on the fine details and features even the youngest aborted children have.  ‘I want to show there's beauty and humanity in the unborn child,’ she said. ‘There should be a sense of pity’."

While I commend Miller’s passion over the years, I’ve always been concerned about the beyond civil disobedience and yes, the pictures that can result in lost support. The latest move by Miller could very well garner more emotion and sympathy.

Read more in the New York Times and


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